Hauppauge WinTV bktr-- no audio.

Patrick Hajek pphajek at lbl.gov
Thu Dec 18 09:40:54 PST 2003

pcm is compiled and the sound is working nicely as my mp3 collection
can attest.  I'm guessing that the pci2 issue related to the pciconf output:

none4 at pci2:6:1: class=0x048000 card=0x13eb0070 chip=0x0878109e rev=0x02 hdr=0x00
    vendor   = 'Brooktree Corporation'
    device   = 'Bt878/Fusion878A Video Capture (Audio Section)'
    class    = multimedia

And taking another wild guess-- I'm inclinded to suspect the bktr driver
Not that I have a clue of how the bktr driver works.


On Thu, Dec 18, 2003 at 09:11:54AM -0800, Drew Tomlinson wrote:
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> Subject: Re: Hauppauge WinTV bktr-- no audio.
> > I have a connection between the line out of the TV Card and the
> > line in of the sound card.  I also grabbed a head phone jack
> > to detect any sounds originating from the line-out of the TV card
> > and was unable to detect any sounds.  I'm not sure as to the role of
> > bktr ability to send or manipulate a signal to the line-out but
> > was curious about the dmesg:
> >
> > bktr0: STB TV/PCI, Philips FR1236 NTSC FM tuner, dbx stereo, msp3400c
> stereo.
> > pci2: <multimedia> at device 6.1 (no driver attached)
> >
> > Appreciate any suggestions.
> Just a guess...You do have sound support (device pcm) enabled in your
> kernel???  If so, then you need to find out what driver is required for
> pci2: and get it compiled in your kernel.  But you probably already knew
> that.  :)
> HTH a little,
> Drew

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