Hauppauge PVR-250 / 350 Driver

Anish Mistry mistry.7 at osu.edu
Mon Dec 1 18:01:28 PST 2003

On Monday 01 December 2003 07:13 pm, John-Mark Gurney wrote:
> Take a look at:
> http://people.FreeBSD.org/~jmg/videobsd.html
> for more info on what I've cooked up so far on the subject.  Right now
> it's just words, but I want to make sure some things are good and
> complete before I start writing code to back it all.
I took a quick look through the page and just wanted to make a small 
comment with my miniscule usb knowledge.  About async'ing the library and 
usb.  It depends on the usb device driver.  I know for a fact that ugen 
does NOT buffer, which normally is pain, but in this case it may be good.  
We can always create a special u* device for video sources from usb if 
needed that don't buffer, but aren't ugen ie. uvid*.  Most other u* 
devices buffer.
If you need help coding, or other things, let me know I'd love to help.

Anish Mistry
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