Mozilla Firefox v1.5 or 2.0 with linux-flashplugin7

Iulian M eti at
Thu Nov 9 09:18:27 UTC 2006


> I have a problem with, i don't known what happened, i have
> this message in console: /libexec/
> /usr/local/lib/firefox/firefox-bin: Undefined symbol "__stdoupt"

This is strange, I've never seen this error with firefox. 

Are you using a binary package to install firefox or you build it from source? 
( i recommend the second method )

What version of firefox are you exactly running ? ( I had no problem with 1.5 
and 2.0 )

Did you installed other plugins ?

The output of ldd //usr/local/lib/firefox/firefox-bin  may be relevant.

Did this version of firefox used to work or it always show this error.
If it used to work then probably one of his dependencies got updated. I 
suggest rebuilding firefox with all his dependencies .

One more question: Did this happened when you added the flash plugin ? I 
remember that flash9 showed some undefined symbol errors but they wore 
reported from the not from the firefox binary. You can also 
try rebuilding linuxpluginwrapper. 

> Thank you so much ;)

You are welcome ;-)

Iulian M

Sic transit gloria Monday!

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