Project BSDVISION Wants To Develop Native *BSD Console Desktop

Mike Adewole mike at
Sun Aug 21 23:45:20 GMT 2005

From: "Allan Fields"
To: "Mike Adewole"
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Sent: Sunday, August 21, 2005 5:55 PM
Subject: Re: Project BSDVISION Wants To Develop Native *BSD Console Desktop

> On Sat, Aug 20, 2005 at 06:18:13AM -0400, Mike Adewole wrote:
> > For many people who spend a lot of time on the *BSD console and would
> > to have a desktop environment comparable to KDE/GNOME, I'm starting a
> > project called BSDVISION to develop such an environment. Please don't
ask if
> > such an environment is really needed or not; the important thing is that
> > some people like me need it badly enough to want to develop it.
> And here I thought you were talking about a desktop for us vt220 fans.
> There is already screen or emacs on that front.  What about twin
> for example?
> What exactly is meant by a "console" desktop anyway other than
> something similar to early Windows that runs w/o X11?
> Can you also make a Unicode console for *BSD please? ;)
> -- 
> Allan Fields
It's also for vt220 fans, actually, and quite similar to twin.

"Console" desktop means a desktop for vt220 fans that can run on text
terminals but also run on graphics hardware if available.

Oh, and you'll be *pleased* to know the project supports unicode so we don't
need a separate project for that :-)


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