LibH or Anaconda ??

Gao Long urgaolong at
Wed May 26 06:24:15 PDT 2004

David Johnson <david at> wrote:

Since Anaconda is Open Source, that means we can change it to fit our needs. Not just the partitioning portion of it, but also the package management portion. In other words, we don't have to use RPM just because Anaconda does.    

OK, we have come the point , the package format!

In fact , in my opinion , a good installer , not only anaconda  , of 

any operating systems must do serveral things as :

1. set up a gook-looking and user-friendly GUI , including  

the X system and a windows system like GTK or QT.

2. partition the disks which to hold the operating system.

3. using a certain package format , to install the whole 

operating systems

4. some configuration of the operating systems.

well , I find everything we use in our practice will work well for a 

FreeBSD install except that the RPM format may not be 

suitable for a FreeBSD community . It could be considered not 

so gracefully(though it does work and is powerful and 

complicated). But if someone piled the BSD into a set of RPM 

packages , then we can just install  a FreeBSD , even use a 

grub bootloader , and making RPMs of a base system is not a 

hard work.But I also welcome a new format , as the libpgk or 

any kind of the format libH had wanted to use. Any thing new 

could be helpful , to be blank , I hated the ugly faces of 

Anaconda and had already want to paint some new ones:)

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