LibH or Anaconda ??

Gao Long urgaolong at
Tue May 25 18:58:57 PDT 2004

>Anaconda is certainly an option, but I doubt a binary-only Anaconda is. 
>Think about it. We need to go beyond running Redhat's  installer in 
>Linux compatibility mode. Also. SuSE just open sourced their YaST 
>installer. That's an option as well.

   I migrate from imgaolong at to urgaolong at for the trouble of gb2312 coding.
   Well, most code in anaconda is just a matter of scripts running on virtual-machine-like python . Pure scripts can be run on python of native FreeBSD almost without any modification , which setup the local X window system, dealing with input/output configuration data, and package installing etc . Not the C codes , after all , as the python can be embedded with C codes. That is why we rewrite the GUI partitioning tools'  C codes. We patched in it the code from sysinstall , to partition the hard disk in a BSD slice manner.

   The only thing I thought about anaconda for a native FreeBSD install is that , shall we package an entire FreeBSD into RPM packages?:)While the rpm need a recompile if we are not to use linux.ko.Or we will have to invent a different one?

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