LibH or Anaconda ??

=?gb2312?B?0KEgt8nn5w==?= imgaolong at
Sun May 23 20:53:29 PDT 2004

 It is a pitty to hear the difficulties in libh, but the interesting thing 
is that we 
group have already ported the anaconda (linux installer) on a FreeBSD 
kernel to perform 
the entire install process in a commonly accepted graphical GUI manner of 
most currently 
used Linux releases. Using the linux.ko , and a rewrited partitioning GUI 
tool , we can 
install any compatibale RPM format packages of any Linux releases, well , 
after the 
install , the box has to be look completely like a linux box:->

  So , why don't you guys to think about migration rather than rewriting a 
different architecture for the installer ?

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