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The Anarcat <anarcat at anarcat.ath.cx> 39 lines of wisdom included:
> Well, yes.. I'm sorry too. But I feel that libh's pseudo-existence is 
> more a nuisance right now. The architecture of libh is a bit too big and 
> has this exact problem of putting its hands in too many pieces (as some 
> people have pointed out before). It's really hard to "get into" libh, 
> even for people that actually worked with it before. So libh is always 
> brought back as that "effort in progress" precluding other efforts to 
> build up, the way I see it. So I'm thereby stopping the discourse of 
> saying "libh development is slow". It's stopped.
> I'd like to see libh's concept recuperated in a fresh implementation 
> instead of the current one, especially since we now have SWIG and don't 
> need to implement our own TCL magic! :)
> If I ever work again on libh, it'll be a rewrite. That should prove 
> interesting. ;)

I'm not sure if my vote counts, but I'd be willing to dedicate a
large amount of my spare time to helping with a complete rewrite. In
my experience, it takes four of five dedicated people to get a
project like this off the ground. Conversations via this list then
spark interest and hopefully hard work. 

If you see no mail in your "libh" folder, it's very easy to lose
focus and track. From my own personal experience, I think that lists
like this one build up the momentum individuals need to keep working
on a project even though they've just finished a hard weeks work, or
just came back on vacation or have personal problems at home etc.
etc. That and the fact that they have always seemed to flesh out
particular ideas and spark new ones.

I think I noticed once the mailing list was dead so were a
significant amount of contributors and then possibly the project.

My 2 cents.

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