still trying to get tomcat working

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Hi Chuck,

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I finally found a writeup on tomcat6 configuration which was new enough not to
rely on Linux executeables.  Anyhow, early in that writeup, it's talking about
using the jsvc java package.  I used a little script I wrote myself some years
ago to scan all of the ports plists for any mention of "jsvc".  I found the
tarball that's dropped into the tomcat6 bin/ subdir, but not a port to build it,
did I miss an important port?  I tried to unpack it and build it, but when the
jsvc's configure script realizes it's in FreeBSD-8.0 (I run current), it burped
messily and died, guess it can't handle superior OS quality.

If anyone has a patch to get jsvc building, or maybe a comment telling me I
don't need it for some reason, I'd appreciate either.  I found what's described
as a very vanilla "conf/server.xml" (one of tomcat6's config files) but it seems
to want some minor modifications, and the fields aren't described, only given on
example.... damn, I Hate things which only give one example, but no description,
if your setup isn't precisely what the author's is, I can't figure out where to
go with things.  All that instructions I've seen so far, they all fall in that

If anyone happens to have a pet description of server.xml (not an example, a
description of things which need localization) I'd sure appreciate that.  Java
package names look so much like machine names, I can't tell where I need to
localize things or not, not without a description of what the fields are.
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If I'm not mistaken, I think this is OT.  You'll have a better answer if you ask the tomcat ML
since you're asking for is tomcat related "conf/server.xml"  :)


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