New patch for FreeBSD ports devel/apache-ant

Herve Quiroz hq at
Fri Feb 6 02:53:09 PST 2009

Hi Andrei,

Here is another patch. With this fix I managed to build java/eclipse.
Basically, it uses the exact same command line as the mainstream Ant run
script. I will try building openoffice as well to make sure we don't
break any critical port but as my test machine is quite slow (celeron
and 256MB memory) this could take a while. It already took me quite some
time to build eclipse. Hence the delay for my reply.

Thanks for helping me figuring out the broken ports.


On Fri, Jan 30, 2009 at 09:41:36AM +0200, Andrei V. Lavreniyuk wrote:
> If
> exec "${JAVACMD}" ${ANT_OPTS} -classpath "${LOCALCLASSPATH}"  
> -Dant.home="${DATADIR}" -Dant.library.dir="${ANT_LIB}"  
> ${ANT_ARGS} "$@"
> then
> [...]
> /usr/ports/java/eclipse/work/jdtcoresrc/compilejdtcore.xml:44: Class not  
> found: org.eclipse.jdt.core.JDTCompilerAdapter
> Total time: 1 second
> /usr/ports/java/eclipse/work/build.xml:318: The Eclipse compiler  
> (ecj.jar) cannot be found.
> Total time: 0 seconds

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