OpenJDK6 port direction

Brian Gardner brian at
Fri Feb 6 13:48:17 PST 2009

I'm trying to create the OpenJDK6 port, and I've got a question for the 

Should we use suns source from, 
or should I bundle the current state of jdk6/jdk6 into an package that 
we host, and use that as a base for the ports.

Would there be a licensing issue?

The second option is easier for me, however the first seems like the 
more proper way to create the port. Looking at mercurial comments it 
doesn't appear like there are any additional changes since b14, so I was 
expecting things to be identical or close to identical, but they are 
not.  Maybe somebody could elaborate on why and how jdk6/jdk6 from 
mercurial differs from openjdk-6-src-b14-25_nov_2008.tar.gz from sun.


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