openjdk6 patch

Brian Gardner brian at
Fri Feb 6 12:32:33 PST 2009

I've created a patch for openjdk6.

I developed this port on FreeBSD 7.0, and I urge you all to try and give feedback.  There are many dependencies, and I'm working on a java/openjdk6 that will make installing this easier.

This port should be have all bug fixes that went into suns jdk6 release 11, as well as any FreeBSD bug fixes that have been applied towards the openjdk7.

What is the stability of this port?
I don't really have an answer for this yet.  Currently I'm load testing this port and hope to release this in production next week.  Currently the java/jdk16 port crashes fairly regularly for us.  We run java on a dual quad-core machine with 16GB of memory, and run a high level of concurrency.  We've even found and helped resolve concurrency/synchronization issues in several third party java libraries including Oracle and Lucene.  I would encourage everybody to start testing this patch and start moving away from java/jdk16 port, but I would wait until we push into production before doing so yourselves.    

Brian Gardner

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