ATM requirement information

low bee leng lowbeeleng at
Fri Sep 26 03:04:58 PDT 2003

What kind of software and hardware technology needed to implement the below ATM system.

The below is the requirement information for development a ATM machine


120 inquires entered at each branch in the busiest hour

120 replies received at each branch in the busiest hour


Resources: Operating environment


23 characters in each inquiry

65 characters in each reply

100 msec for the computer center to process a inquiry


2 modem turnaround required per inquiry

10-msec modem turnaround time (inbound)

0-msec modem turnaround (outbound)

8 characters per poll

8 bits per character

8 overhead characters per message



line speed in 56 kbps

lines are full-duplex

line error rate is 1 bit per 100,000


design goals

95% transaction to be handled within 2 sec, response time


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