4 network segments and dhcpd

Evren Yurtesen yurtesen at ispro.net.tr
Wed Sep 24 03:51:16 PDT 2003

You cant use gw for 192.168.101/24 network the gw should 
be an IP address inside the network.
You should define multiple IP addresses to your gw interface, lets say mask mask mask
Then define these networks in your dhcp server separately so that if a 
user gets ip from network the gw will be set to

You can also increase the number of IP addresses in your network by decreasing the mask by using mask then tell your dhcp server to give IP's in between

But I still suggest you to use PPPoE instead of this :) A lot less 
trouble and supported in FreeBSD ppp implementation with radius support.
Plus by using something like mikrotik routeros you can limit the 
bandwidth at the same time from radius server.


Martin Jessa wrote:

> Hi.
> I have a wireless network with a FreeBSD router acting as a poptop vpn server.
> To extend the amount of my clients I have to add 3 extra network segments, each with /24, ie,, and
> Each of the clients connects to our wireless equipement, gets his IP from dhcpd with a default route to
> Then when he logs in creating vpn tunnel over pptp he receives a static IP from our radius server and his bandwith is throttled.
> How can I run a dhcpd for four network segments?
> How can I solve that so all the users can use as their default gw? 
> Or should each of the users rather use the first IP from his segment as his default gw?
> I assume I would need a
> Address:         
> Netmask: = 22    
> Wildcard:            
> Network:       (Class C)
> Broadcast:       
> HostMin:         
> HostMax:       
> Hosts/Net: 1022                  (Private Internet RFC 1918)
> YazzY

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