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"Tim McCullagh" <timbo at> writes:

> I will second what Len has said
> Imgate works "Brilliantly"
> It has reduced my spam intake by as much as 40% in a week.  I have seen
> similar reports from others using it to.
> As for the migration issues.  They are not an issue.  You place a separated
> MX server in front of your current sendmail machine.  The separate server
> doesn't need to be anything special from what I have found.  It just needs
> an excellent operating system FreeBSD with postfix installed and the IMgate
> mods
> Have a look at

So looking at that webpage, it looks like IMGate is just a postfix box
configured with a bunch of RBLs and other blocking systems.  Does
anybody know exactly what RBLs, filters and blocking systems IMGate uses?  

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>> >    What about your solutions ?
>> RBL is not a very effective way to block.  It helps, but other techniques
>> dominate.
>> (postfix as MX + any mailbox server)
>> >  I will not change my mail server
>> >    (sendmail) to other one (postfix/qmail) because of migration
> problems.
>> then migrate nothing, keep sendmail on your mailbox server, and run
> postfix
>> as mx.
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