Best Way Blocking Spams

Bill Wells bill at
Sat Apr 26 10:09:54 PDT 2003

> For those seeking a more hands-off solution that provides end users with
> complete control over their anti-spam measures, you may want to check
> out  I'm paying about $0.13/mailbox, and while
> it does add up, it's well worth the cost.  In addition, Postini can also
> scan for viruses and still have the cost less than $0.25/mailbox.
> The thing I like most about postini, is that no mail is actually
> rejected.  If it's thought to be spam, it's put into a quarantine for 14
> days to allow the user time to retrieve those messages.

Then there's my own Junk Proof Mail. Also commercial.  The web
site is <>.

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