Best Way Blocking Spams

Murat USTUNTAS ustuntas at
Sun Apr 27 23:19:19 PDT 2003

Hello again,

I have read all messages under that subject. I understand that there is 
no some
standart way to block spam mails. I hope that some good programs writing on
blocking spams. I will just make some corrections on my mail system. May 
be change
mx as you say.
But, i am waiting good solutions on blocking spam mails.


Murat Ustuntas

Murat USTUNTAS wrote:

>   Hello,
>   I just want to write on stoping / bloking spams ? I have tried to
>   install spammassasin and bogofiler to block the spams. I assume that I
>   am in wrong way to installation? How can I find the correct
>   installation steps to install spammassasin on FreeBSD with sendmail
>   for using system widely? Or any comments to fight the spams.
>   What about your solutions ? I will not change my mail server
>   (sendmail) to other one (postfix/qmail) because of migration problems.
>   I have about 2500 mail user on my system.
>   Regards
>   Murat Ustuntas
>   mustuntas at
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