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>    What about your solutions ? I will not change my mail server
>    (sendmail) to other one (postfix/qmail) because of 
>    migration problems.
>    I have about 2500 mail user on my system.


I know it's scary to change the way you think and do things, but it is
possible to swap in any of the popular sendmail replacements without
interuption to user services.  In a previous position, we too were using
sendmail with several thousand (nearly 6k) users.  We managed to make
the switch to postfix with no intruption to service (down sendmail, up
postfix, 15 seconds at the most).  Postfix, if you'll read the docs, is
a drop-in replacement for sendmail, requiring absolutely no migration.

Qmail can also be configured as a drop-in replacement for sendmail (it
can deliver to mbox style mailboxes).

Same story for exim.

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