disaster recovery after rootkit -> MySQL and user accounts

Dave Byrne dave-lists at glynjones.com
Thu Apr 24 11:18:25 PDT 2003

MyISAM table types are machine independent.  ISAM table types are
machine dependent.  

Either way if you are moving from x86 to x86 then it doesn't matter what
type of tables you are using in mysql.  Just copy the database files

Just make sure that mysql is not running when you try and copy them,
it'll corrupt them.


On Thu, 2003-04-24 at 09:50, Jim Sander wrote:
> > mysql daemon will not start
>    Piece o' cake man...
>    I've copied many a binary .ISM file between systems and never had a
> problem- I just recently copied quite a lot of data from a redhat box to
> FreeBSD without any glitches simply by scp'ing the whole mysql datadir. I
> doubt Debian does anything too terribly different.
>    MySQL has its own data file format(s) so there's not a lot to worry
> about except in HUGE version jumps. MySQL is *very* good about remaining
> backward compatible, and allowing for easy "upconvert" of data.
>    The only trouble I've had has been moving database files from FreeBSD
> to a Mac OS-X, and I suspect that's more an Endian-ness issue.
> -=Jim=-
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