disaster recovery after rootkit -> MySQL and user accounts

Jim Sander jim at federation.addy.com
Thu Apr 24 09:50:57 PDT 2003

> mysql daemon will not start

   Piece o' cake man...

   I've copied many a binary .ISM file between systems and never had a
problem- I just recently copied quite a lot of data from a redhat box to
FreeBSD without any glitches simply by scp'ing the whole mysql datadir. I
doubt Debian does anything too terribly different.

   MySQL has its own data file format(s) so there's not a lot to worry
about except in HUGE version jumps. MySQL is *very* good about remaining
backward compatible, and allowing for easy "upconvert" of data.

   The only trouble I've had has been moving database files from FreeBSD
to a Mac OS-X, and I suspect that's more an Endian-ness issue.


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