disaster recovery after rootkit -> MySQL and user accounts

Lewis Watson lists at visionsix.com
Wed Apr 23 17:27:46 PDT 2003

> >Hi Dave,
> >I moved from RH Linux to FreeBSD and it seems that I just shut down
> >tar'd the MySQL database directory and untarred on the new FreeBSD
> >Had no problem with the user table or anything of the sort.  While this
> >doesn't cover everything it perhaps will help on the MySQL aspect of
> >things.
> I believe this will work if the versions of MySQL are the same or
> close, but may not work with different versions of MySQL the further
> the versions are apart the less likely it is to work. MySQL of course
> recommends a MySQLdump followed by a restore but that is probably
> not feasible in this case.
> Lyle Evans
> lyle at rackears.com
> http://www.rackears.com

I really wished I would have mentioned this :-). I think there might have
been a few releases between the two but not many... I stayed on the
3.xx.xx track during this move. Since then I upgraded to 4.xx and have
been very happy but I would keep the versions as close as possible for
this move...
Good point!!

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