disaster recovery after rootkit -> MySQL and user accounts

Dave [Hawk-Systems] dave at hawk-systems.com
Wed Apr 23 14:22:25 PDT 2003

>I moved from RH Linux to FreeBSD and it seems that I just shut down MySQL
>tar'd the MySQL database directory and untarred on the new FreeBSD server.
>Had no problem with the user table or anything of the sort.  While this
>doesn't cover everything it perhaps will help on the MySQL aspect of

will give it a go then

>Another thing I could say is to look at putting the VirtualHost lines in a
>separate directory when you have time and doing an include statement
>within the httpd.conf file. It makes things much more portable

We currently do that on our servers...  was not the case on this old one.  We
will be pulling the appropriate portions of the old httpd.conf out and just
including it via include statement in the virgin one.  Good advice for list in
either case.


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