Serial line fbsd installation with no CD

Jez Hancock jez.hancock at
Wed Apr 16 06:40:47 PDT 2003


On Mon, Apr 14, 2003 at 11:38:02PM -0400, Bill Vermillion wrote:
> > To be honest I feel that this is synonymous to the setup of our NOC.
> > I'm actually only a 'coadmin' - in the sense that I do not talk
> > to the network op centre, my 'admin' 'boss' does (lots of 's).
> Hm.  We're small - but dedicated - and we both worked in highly
> time sensitive businesses - the broadcast industry - so we know the
> value of down time.
> However even though we are small we have rack-space in the Level3
> facility in Orlando.  We got it when it first came up and before
> they put the current minimum useage in place.  Our customers - few
> as they are - love us.
Sounds like a decent setup - we're investigating alternative hosting
at the moment, found a disturbing ammount of unswitched udp traffic
whilst looking at trafshow output - seems to be from a number of
halflife gaming servers on the same subnet as our servers.  At first
I thought we were being used as a relay by a logging bot one of the
users was using, but on further inspection it just looks like broadcast

Another reason to move :)

> > It's incredibly frustrating that the cost of colocation in the UK
> > (where I am) and in AUS (where my friend is) is so high and as
> > such we have to colocate in US where bandwidth is much more reasonably
> > priced.
> And could you give an example of what those costs are?  I'm curious
> as to the rates around the world.
Well I did some minimal research (can anyone in the UK pass me some bookmarks!?!),
and I found:
( )
from £90-380GBP 1Gb tx included, £10GBP per extra 1Gb tx

I've just done a quick grep of my mbox from 2002 and found this:
One off setup fee £100  
Regular colo £50/month OR £500/year 1U, 10GB traffic/month
Extra traffic £5/GB/month 
Low Bandwidth Colo £360/year (note only payable yearly) 1U, 5GB traffic/month
Extra traffic £5/GB/month 
High Bandwidth Colo £150/month OR £1700/year 2U, 80GB traffic/month
Extra traffic £2/GB/month 
Cost per extra U used £15/month  
One off fee for serial console access £50  
Dedicated server  
Minimum spec: Celeron 1.2GHz, 80GB HD, 256MB RAM £100/month OR £1000/year  
One off dedicated server setup fee £200 Includes serial console 

which sounds very decent.  Actually very happy I found that one, I might mail
them :)

> > Yikes that's some pipe.
> It's a communications facility and now that the bloom is off the
> boom of a few years ago so much they sell is dark fibre.
> I asked a tech installing equipment in a cage behind our rack how
> much it was worth.  Her comment was "I'm not sure but the one
> almost like it in Miami cost $14,000,000"  OC192 equipment is not
> cheap.  The backup generator is a 1,250,000W monster behind the
> building - with a 6000 gallon tank of diesel fuei.  I've seen many
> colos but never one like L3.
lol - if they ever need to leave planet earth quickly, you just need a match eh?

All the best,

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