Serial line fbsd installation with no CD

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Sat Apr 12 10:42:41 PDT 2003

Hello Jez,

> Yes a serial connection can be established between the two servers.  As I mentioned
> in my last post one box is production and one is 'dev' (which we're migrating to).

  Ok great ;)  the ppp script will make it easier than using minicom for that too.
> Part of the problem is lame NOC support, hence the desire to do all of this 
> remotely without external support (ie no external peripherals at all).

  I understand.
> > > The current OS are FreeBSD 4.6.2 and as such I am unable to
> > > adequately make world to the latest STABLE release.

  I may have missunderstood.  So you already have FreeBSD set up on the
  installation machine, but you have trouble making "world"?

  I usualy just update & build world on my fastest machine, then install
  world having mounted /usr/src via NFS.

  Here are some good articles (with examples) on this topic:

  Aside from that, let us know where exactly make world is giving you
  trouble.  Does the compile hang at certain place?  Copy & Paste some
  output ;)

> I have a feeling the process of updating the source might have been flawed and
> also I have a sneaking suspicion that I left out IPFW2 from make.conf at the time.
> (IPFW2 was is currently the main problem which we want to be using for traffic
> shaping and prioritizing).

  If you're wanting to use IPFW2, don't forget to have "options IPFW2" in the
  kernel config and "IPFW2=true" in your /etc/make.conf  Good luck!
> Many thanks for your response and your PPP script - much obliged :)

  You are very welcome, I only re-posted an existing message, don't forget to
  thank the original author ;)
> Kind regards,


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