RADIUS/Active Directory and Mailserver.

Adrian Pavlykevych pam at polynet.lviv.ua
Fri Apr 11 01:40:38 PDT 2003

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Sten Daniel Sørsdal wrote:
|  I work for a small ISP and we're about to install a mailserver for
our customers.
|  We have all our usernames/passwords in an Active Directory database
with a RADIUS
|  frontend to dialup and VPN. We hoped that it would somehow be
possible to setup a
|  FreeBSD box that authenticates the users from either AD or RADIUS. It
would be utopia
|  if said mail server could also find it's userbase in the AD server -
which would eliminate
|  having to add usernames on the mailserver.

qmail-ldap http://www.nrg4u.com
Courier-MTA http://www.courier-mta.org

Both can use LDAP to get information about virtual users, so you can
query AD for it. You'll probably need to extend AD schema to fit all
necessary attributes though.

Sendmail does LDAP too, but I'm not sure about its feature-completeness.

Qmail-LDAP is more feature rich in area of controlling mail server from
LDAP. Courier has more advanced features as MTA.

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