RADIUS/Active Directory and Mailserver.

Sten Daniel Sørsdal sten.daniel.sorsdal at wan.no
Fri Apr 11 01:23:43 PDT 2003

 I work for a small ISP and we're about to install a mailserver for our customers.
 We have all our usernames/passwords in an Active Directory database with a RADIUS 
 frontend to dialup and VPN. We hoped that it would somehow be possible to setup a
 FreeBSD box that authenticates the users from either AD or RADIUS. It would be utopia
 if said mail server could also find it's userbase in the AD server - which would eliminate
 having to add usernames on the mailserver.

 Any thoughts or suggestions? Anything relevant (including which mailserver) is welcome.
 If anyone knows of or are using a commercial mailservere (even on ... Windows) that can do
 this, then that is also welcome!

 Thank you!

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