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=?unknown-8bit?Q?S=EAr=EAciya_Kurdistan=EE?= sereciya at kurdistan.ath.cx
Thu Apr 10 12:50:53 PDT 2003

On Thu, Apr 10, 2003 at 01:46:38PM -0500, Chris Cook wrote:
> It really is not very polite to bark at somebody who was giving you free
> help. 

  I believe that most people would agree that free help does not
  constitute of writing a one liner like "ports net/mrtg".

  First of all that is neither a valid answer nor suggestion ;
  it is called *mocking* and it is not well recieved.  

  I believe that this kind of a response, or "help" if you see
  it as such, is not in the spirit of the net, and especiall not
  of users trying to help each other out solving problems.

  I, just as everybody else greatly appreciate all *sincere*
  intents for help and make it known in no uncertain terms.

Thank you.
-Sêrêciya Kurdistanî

My appologies to all those who have unnecessarily had to bear
witness to this, sorry.

| Welat xwe ava nake, dest bidin hevdu, pist nedin tu dijminî  |
|   Riya azadiyê ne hêsan e, hêviya xwe bernedin, dema me      |
|     nêzîk e.                                                 |
|                                                              |
| Hevaltî bi kesên du rû nekin, hevaltî bi hevdu ra bikin      |
|   Ne ji hevaltiya wan kesên pêxwas û rû dirêj, ne bi wan     |
|     kesên xwînperest, ne jî ji yên din.                      |
|                                                              |
|                                   -Sêrêciya Kurdistanî       |
  translation provided on request: sereciya at kurdistan.ath.cx

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