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Chris Cook ccook at tcworks.net
Thu Apr 10 11:44:54 PDT 2003

It really is not very polite to bark at somebody who was giving you free
help.  ports net/mrtg means to look in the ports collection in the net
directory and you will find mrtg there to install.  Please read the
handbook @ www.freebsd.org if you are not familiar with the FreeBSD
ports collection.


Sêrêciya Kurdistanî wrote:
> Hello Mark,
>   Thank you very much for the information on MRTG!
>   It's the best and most detailed advice yet, greatly
>   appreciated.
>   I love the one-liner reply from somebody else that
>   said "ports net/mrtg" or something, yeah great;
>   What I was asking was for *practical* advice, not
>   where to find the documentation; that, I am quite
>   capable of doing...  and besides, that wasn't even
>   a real URL or anything, I'm surprized that person
>   even though that such a lame comment could ever
>   possibly be usefull to anybody!

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