ISP radius & mail user/aliase management - Web based?

Dave [Hawk-Systems] dave at
Wed Apr 9 10:29:12 PDT 2003

>Do either of you have any suggestions on any open source
>userdatabase management programs. Which I could use to add
>users to a radius database (radiusd - cleartext passwds :>( ). Also
>add them to a pop user file per domain & add aliases - also per

we currently use XTRadius
with a PostgreSQL hack of the MySQL example provided via perl dbi for
authentication,  documentation is pretty thin, but extensibility is a good
feature for us.

For mail we use a variety of applications all encompased in a toaster like
script(in recent versions) by Matt Simerson
which in short runs qmail with non system accounts from a mysql database, which
you could hack to port to PostgreSQL or whatever.

Managing user information via web interfaces once you are using MySQL,
PostgreSQL or another db is rudimentary.


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