ISP radius & mail user/aliase management - Web based?

Rolf Mendelsohn rolf at
Wed Apr 9 10:12:07 PDT 2003

Hi Everyone,

Do either of you have any suggestions on any open source 
userdatabase management programs. Which I could use to add 
users to a radius database (radiusd - cleartext passwds :>( ). Also 
add them to a pop user file per domain & add aliases - also per 

I'd be willing to migrate from radiusd if there is a more scalable all-
in-one soloution or one which requirte minimal midifications.

I know there is a program called Webmin for servers, which provides 
a gui to add users, modify many daemon options etc. Runs on Linux 
& FreeBSD. Something similar to that.

Currently I'm using exim for smtp, vm-pop3d for pop 

The domains are in the flat text files which are structured like this:

/virtual/domain/passwd (htpasswd format)
/virtual/domain/aliases  (user:		forward at

Radius users are in a users files which contains entries like these:

Xyz		Password cleartextpasswd, NAS-Port-Type

If the all the programs which do this nicely are geared towards 
Mysql, then I'd spend the time getting that going to handle the 
various databases which are currently flat files.

Any suggestions are very welcome.


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