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Wed Jul 20 15:13:30 GMT 2005

Roger Grosswiler <roger at> wrote:
 > [ipfw vs. ipf vs. pf]

In addition to the other replies, it is worth mentioning
that ipf (ipfilter) does not work reliably on SMP machines
under FreeBSD 5.x and 6.x (but 4.x should be fine), causing
random crashes when there is load.

Apparently this isn't going to change soon, because it is
a basic incompatibility between ipf and FreeBSD 5's SMP
which cannot easily be fixed.

Therefore I would recommend not to use ipf, unless you
don't need SMP and you're sure that you won't need it in
the foreseeable future.  Since pf is nearly a superset of
ipf with similar syntax and improved features, I recommend
to use pf instead.  Or ipfw, of course.

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