newbie question

Chuck Swiger cswiger at
Mon May 31 10:58:11 PDT 2004

El DaEm0n wrote:
> ok my problem is when i made a portscan to my server  in another pc it 
> revealed my open ports, so all i wanna do is when i made a ports scan 
> from another pc to my server mi IPFW show to portscan that my system 
> appears down,

You probably want to use something like this, from "man ipfw":

      The typical use of dynamic rules is to keep a closed firewall configura-
      tion, but let the first TCP SYN packet from the inside network install a
      dynamic rule for the flow so that packets belonging to that session will
      be allowed through the firewall:

            ipfw add check-state
            ipfw add allow tcp from my-subnet to any setup keep-state
            ipfw add deny tcp from any to any

Going beyond these examples to a meaningful firewall configuration involves 
thinking about your security policy, considering roles and required services, 


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