newbie question

El DaEm0n jackass_wasa at
Mon May 31 10:23:39 PDT 2004

ok my problem is when i made a portscan to my server  in another pc it 
revealed my open ports, so all i wanna do is when i made a ports scan from 
another pc to my server mi IPFW show to portscan that my system appears 

i see this in other systems  using PF but i wanna know how to make using 
can you help?


>El DaEm0n wrote:
>>hi guys, i have a question how can i made with IPW show portscan that my  
>>system is down?
>Disconnect the ethernet cable?
>"ipfw add 10 deny ip from any to any"
>...a little more context would help us give a more useful answer.

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