QLogic IBA7322 QDR InfiniBand HCA on 10.3-RELEASE

Vinícius Ferrão ferrao at vmio.com.br
Wed Jul 27 16:13:44 UTC 2016


Just updating the thread. I finally get my hands on the board.

It’s a QLogic QLE7340 model. It appears to be completely unsupported as today.

The board is exactly this: https://www.etb-tech.com/qlogic-qle7340-40gb-single-port-infiniband-to-pci-e-hba-jkmx6.html


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Hello guys,

I’m playing with Inifinband for the first time on FreeBSD and I already have problems with it. I’ve got a machine with this card in specific and I’m trying to use this card without any success.

pciconf -lv outputs this:
root at freebsd1:~ # pciconf -lv | grep -i Qlogic -A3 -B1
none17 at pci0:2:0:0: class=0x0c0600 card=0x73221077 chip=0x73221077 rev=0x02 hdr=0x00
   vendor     = 'QLogic Corp.'
   device     = 'IBA7322 QDR InfiniBand HCA'
   class      = serial bus

So at least the system is aware of the card, but I can’t see it on dmesg, so something is missing. Drivers? Support? Kernel Module?

I came across this webpage https://wiki.freebsd.org/InfiniBand and cannot find the card on the table of supported hardware, so at this point I started to believe that the card is just unsupported.

But here we are on the mailing list, to see if anyone can help.

Thanks in advance.

Try loading qlxgb or qlxgbe.
Hmmm, between them, the man pages for qlxgb and qlxgbe say they support:

* QLogic 3200 series (qlxgb)
* QLogic 8200 series (qlxgb)
* QLogic 8300 series (qlxgbe)

Should we add them to the "hardware support by release" table?

Vinícius, with your card, do you know the exact model number?  IBA7322
seems to be the controller chip on the card itself, not the adapter model
number, so it's hard to tell which series it belong too.

Saying that from looking through the QLogic IB Adapters PDF:


Page 3-5 mentions it, as well as Figure 3-1 on that same page. :)

I'm not seeing any mention of Infiniband support in the 3200 or 8x00 series cards.  They look to be strictly 10 GBE.

Ahhh, that explains a few things then. :)

+ Justin

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