Weird NFS client lock up with Mellanox cards :/

Justin Clift justin at
Tue Jul 19 17:26:21 UTC 2016

On 19 Jul 2016, at 17:50, Brian Krusic <brian at> wrote:
> When mounting via CIFS, no lockups occur with the Mellanox.  CIFS is not an option as we are mainly a Linux/OSX house with only NFS.  We’ve a few Windows machines but they are using NFS.

Just to point out... OSX prefers SMB compared to NFS.

It used to be the other way around, but OSX Finder has had issues
with NFS for years.  And Apple decided to go "all-in" with their
SMB support.  The result these days is although both function "ok",
SMB functions better. :)

That being said... I've not pushed it hard personally. ;)

I just mount my FreeNAS server (which is sharing via CIFS) in OSX


In OSX 10.9.5 it's a bit slow to mount (30-40 seconds).  For OSX
10.10, it's very fast.  Around 5 seconds normally.

No idea if that's a helpful thought or not though. ;)

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