Enable OFED/Infiniband support in 11.0-RELEASE by default?

Jason Bacon jwbacon at tds.net
Fri Aug 7 19:05:51 UTC 2015

I've admittedly been out of action on this for a while, but last time I 
checked, the IB network stack could be loaded as a kernel module, but a 
build world was still required to add IB support to userland tools.  If 
this is no longer the case, please excuse my spam.

If kernel stability is still a concern, perhaps we could leave the 
kernel module unloaded by default, but eliminate the need for a build 
world by enabling IB support by default outside the kernel?

I *will* get back to testing this soon, as I'm in the midst of building 
a new 2,000-core HPC cluster and I have servers available to experiment 
with.  I'm eager to see what kind of performance we can get from a 
FreeBSD file server with ZFS and FDR IB.



On 08/07/15 13:32, Garrett Cooper wrote:
> Hi,
> 	One of the complaints from engineers at Isilon I’ve received in the past is that Infiniband/OFED stack support isn’t enabled by default in GENERIC. I would like to enable it by default in GENERIC to improve test coverage by a general audience and ensure that bugs introduced elsewhere (build bugs, network interface, kernel interface bugs) aren’t ignored by accident when running make tinderbox builds as it’s not built by default.
> 	I’m considering just doing this for amd64, but I could be convinced to do i386 and other architectures; I can’t guarantee that it will be usable on arm*, mips, powerpc, sparc64, etc though.
> Thanks!
> -NGie
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