RDMA Infiniband support in FreeBSD

Jason Bacon jwbacon at tds.net
Wed Dec 24 16:19:44 UTC 2014

Last time I tested FreeBSD 10.0, the basic IB stack was working well 
(Mellanox HCAs only), but IPOIB support was not usable. Hence, 
throughput was limited to well below the hardware transfer speed for NFS 
or any other TCP/IP based protocol.  Mellanox developers have been 
working on it, but I haven't checked the status lately.  You might find 
something in recent FreeBSD kernel commit logs.



On 12/24/14 09:25, chintu hetam wrote:
> Guys,
> We are looking actively in FreeBSD for RDMA infiniband support.
> What's the status on that? Also is it OFED compliant?
> Please share any resources you think will stop me from asking stupid
> questions.
> Thanks
> r2r
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