building an older server

ANdrei lists at
Sun Sep 4 17:53:45 PDT 2005

tks for your reply again.

> Both processors have a very small amount of cache. Maybe the Duron can
> be faster than your pair of Celerons, but the only way to know it is
> benchmarking both systems with the applications that you want to run.

maybe this is getting a bit offtopic, but what are the best benchmarks you 
would suggest?
I'm looking for a disk benchmark, also. There is oe in the ports, that I 
found (sorry, forgot the name) and used, but it got me some weird results, 
with big differences at different runs... anything good to test on FreeBSD?

I also have the option of using a Socket423 Intel P4 1.4GHz on a Asus board 
with 2x128MB RIMM... but this is all memory I can get on this board, I guess 
though the proc is far faster than the duron or the 2 celeron's, because of 
the RAM it'll run in all slower, right? On the other boards I get 768MB 

I'm asking mainly theoretical things here, as I won't be using the server in 
full load at the beginning, so I can't really test what the limits are, but 
it'll have peaks when doing some tasks from time to time, and that's why I 
want to check on what you think the best (fastest and most stable) option 
I decided to go for FreeBSD 6.x anyway, because of WPA-PSK...

> I am not saying that your pair of Celerons are crap or something like
> that, I just want to remark that the performance boast with a SMP
> system isn't linear, spreading jobs across processors is also a job,
> and can be very intensive :)

yep, that's what I wanted to know, too, and what I thought about, too...


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