HP DL360 G3 Hangs on Disk Removal

Paul Lutt paul.lutt at fluke.com
Fri Jan 23 13:31:33 PST 2004

I feel your pain.  I so much want to use FreeBSD.  We've used Red Hat
Linux for years, but I have 20 odd servers that are running 7.2 which is
no longer supported by Red Hat.  The cheapest I could get support for
would be $150/server if I install Enterprise Desktop.

I was going to go with Debian, but I'm having a devil of a time with the
Broadcomm ethernet versus Woody, the "stable" Debian release.  I'm in the
midst of building a custom kernel to see if I can get it up and running.

I really like the FreeBSD model, having used SunOS for years.  But having
the RAID controller unreliable makes this a non-starter.

It is especially frustrating to see how well the PERC raid driver works.
It behaves exactly the way you would expect.

Hope you have better luck in the future.

Paul Lutt
Fluke Corporation
paul.lutt at fluke.com

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