cardbus activation failed

dingo at dingo at
Tue Jan 20 11:15:10 PST 2004

Okay i will re-iterate what i said a week or so ago, as of 5.2-RELEASEit
seems there have been alot of cardbus issues, i myself have a Sony VAIO
PCG-GRX560 that never had issues with wireless devices or cardbus util i
upgraded to FreeBSD 5.2 Release. then all pcmcia items stopped
functioning. Ive downgraded to a 5.2-current cvs snapshot dated January8,
2004 and all works fine again. It seems something changed for cardbus
between January 8th and January 15th. It is most likely a pcmcia
carddevice having the issue, it seems to be directly related to the
FreeBSD code dated after January 9-10th 2004. My cardbus works with the
January 8th current cvs snpshot.

> thanks,
> my laptop is a toshiba satellite-z20, i did run freebsd from 5.0 to 5.2
> now. i have not any troubles until now, only my wlan card.
> i think i try to change the card to "WG511T" if it is possible.
> thank´s for your help
> michael

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