Urgent: Problems with 3ware RAID controller

mathias.nospam at haas.se mathias.nospam at haas.se
Tue Jan 20 08:47:15 PST 2004


Short version: We're having problems with a 3ware 8506-4 RAID controller
and having rather severe problems. Has anyone tried the FreeBSD 4.8
drivers from 3ware on FreeBSD 5.2? 3ware say on their website that they
"may or may not work"...

Long version:
We're running the controller under FreeBSD 5.2 (Release) on an ASUS P4S8X
motherboard. We're having two different problems:

1) When booting BSD hangs when initilizing the 3Ware controller driver.
Previously it almost never happend, now it hangs almost every time.
These are the last two lines before it freezes:

3ware 7000 series Storage Controller. Driver version> port
0x8400-0x840f mem 0xe4000000-0xe47fffff,0xe4800000-0xe480000f irq 10 at
device 9.0 on pci0

We have not installed any other drivers than the ones supplied with
FreeBSD 5.2. I noticed that it says "7000-series" - Is this really as it
should be?

2) At shutdown, the OS complains about not being able to delete the
device 0 and then hangs. Sometimes (maybe every second time) it
reboots or shutdowns okay.

Have you seen any of these errors before? We're just taking this server
into production so we are a bit worried that it will fail miserably and
die on us...

I'd be very grateful for all answers!
Kind regards,
Mathias Haas

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