Sun Fire V65x Hardware with RAID, fyi

Olaf Hoyer ohoyer at
Thu Jan 15 10:46:20 PST 2004


Well, just had a SUN Fire V65x in my hands, that tomorrow will go into
production, so I had just a few hours to play with it.

Interesting Info:

Boots 4.9-R just fine, but with a 5.1-p11 it will bump out due to 4GB
RAM and not finding init in the install routine...
Will later try 5.2-R, and see what happens.
The RAID card, which makes the adaptec 7902 a full Hardware-RAID
controller, is basically an ICP-Vortex in disguise, its coming with an
i960 chipset and 32MB RAM.
 its probed as iir, even /usr/ports/sysutils/icpconf sees the controller
(at least the binary package ICP distributes from 7.oct.2003)

Ok, dmesg and mptable will later be forwarded, also some SMP info.
Seems that this toy is quite supported, but some PCI ID's seem to be not
know to 4.9, whereas 5.1 knows about them...


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