trouble mounting a zip drive on parallel port

Alex raindogs_1 at
Thu Jan 15 10:44:55 PST 2004

Here's on of those things that should be simple but is
giving me a surprising number of headachs... 

I'm trying to mount a parallel zip drive on FreeBSD
4.8. I did re-configure my kernel to include the vpo
driver and I get the following message on "dmesg": 
 vpo0: <Iomega VPI0 Parallel to SCSI interface> on
 vpo0: EPP mode 
 vpo0: VP0 error/timeout (5) 
 vpo0: VP0 error/timeout (5) 

The errors are a little worrying, but it does seem to
be seeing the drive. Then, when trying to mount it, I
get this error: 

mount_msdos: /dev/da0s4: Device not configured 

I'm sure there's something very small and simple that
I'm doing wrong, and I'd be grateful if someone would
kindly point it out. 

Thanks a lot, 

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