ida(4) driver: Compaq Smart Array users wanted.

Matthew N. Dodd mdodd at FreeBSD.ORG
Wed Jan 14 23:41:22 PST 2004

Using an up to date -CURRENT and the status of a logical
volume may be displayed, and rebuilds initiated from a running system.

I'm not at all happy with the output formatting of the utility but its
better than nothing.  Any feedback will be appreciated etc.

Additionaly, I'd be very interested to know if anyone else can reproduce
some of the problems I've observed with the ida(4) driver when hotswapping

I've been able to lock up the controller reliablly by removing and
inserting a failed drive.

I've tested against against the following controllers:

	Smart Array 3200

I'm running firmware version 4.50 (SP18018) on all controllers; older
firmware displayed an even wider variety of weird problems, though some
were likely related to my test platform (an old Proliant 850R).

In most cases the lockup will cause the driver to panic as an impossible
value is returned from the done() function.  I've got code that fixes the
panic and uses a watchdog timeout to catch the actual hang but this really
isn't very useful as my system lives entirely on the RAID.

10 40 80 C0 00 FF FF FF FF C0 00 00 00 00 10 AA AA 03 00 00 00 08 00

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