Zero-Slot Raid Controller on SuperMicro 6023-8R

Bruce Campbell bruce at
Wed Jan 14 11:48:46 PST 2004

A few weeks ago I tested out a Supermicro 6013L-8
with an Adaptec zero channel 2015S.  Tests all
ran fine, system installed straight off the 4.9 CD
direct on to the RAID array (I used 2 disks, mirrored)
I did nothing special during the install (apart from 
configuring the array in the adaptec bios)

The 2010S and 2015S are both Ultra320, same chipset.  The 2015S
is smaller physically, and used for certain motherboards.

The 2000S and 2005S are Ultra160.

The supermicro 6023P-8R is Ultra320 and uses the 2010S, so
I'd expect my successful test results would apply to it also.

Quoting Michael Moss <mossmr at>:
> Hello Everyone,
> 	Has anybody gotten the zero-slot raid controller to work on FreeBSD 
> <=4.9R? If so how?...Should I use a different raid card due to 
> performance or other concerns? I see support for the 2000S/2005S, but 
> not the 2010S in this a problem?
> Thanks!
> Michael
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