Support for affordable S-ATA RAID controllers (xs4)

Brooks Davis brooks at
Sun Jan 4 15:11:02 PST 2004

On Mon, Jan 05, 2004 at 12:04:44AM +0100, Rogier Krieger wrote:
> Previous correspondence from Mike Tancsa (14:53 4-1-2004 -0500):
> >I picked up a couple of 3WARE 8006-2s the other week from
> > for $129 USD each which is not much more than the
> >Adaptec or Promise cards. 
> Browsing through the 3ware catalogue, I see that the card is
> made for 64 bit PCI slots. Do you know whether it works in
> a regular 32 bit PCI slot? Otherwise, I would have to buy a
> Xeon board, which are rather expensive (IIRC). For US$ 129,
> the cards are definitely a bargain (if they work on a 32bit slot)

The standard mandates that 64-bit PCI devices work (slower of course) in
32-bit slots.  Some motherboards may have mechanical issues, but you
should be able to find at least one slot that works on most boards.

-- Brooks

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