Vendor Imports in Subversion

Warner Losh imp at
Wed Dec 9 06:47:36 UTC 2020


The git working group is making final preparations for the cut over in two
weeks (currently planned to start December 19). There's one item that's
caused some recent problems that we'd like to ask the committer's help on:
vendor imports. We've had a few vendor imports of late that have caused
problems for the git converter. Imports should be done from the top level
so that the merge info winds up in the right place. uqs@ has added code to
defensive code to detect the recent problems, but we're not sure it will
catch everything.

So, over the next two weeks, we'd like to ask that committers refrain from
doing vendor imports in the src tree for those cases where delay is
possible. For vendor imports that can't wait, due to security or other
serious issues, please coordinate with git at before doing the
vendor import. If there's a confidential matter, you can contact me (
imp at or the core team instead.

Thanks for your understanding...

On behalf of the git working group

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