(GSoC 2015) Parallel ports build and installation => paraports

rank1seeker at gmail.com rank1seeker at gmail.com
Tue Apr 7 13:19:04 UTC 2015


You already know me so no need for introduction. ;)

It is application for configuring, fetching, building and installing software (ports) on FreeBSD
It provides a safe way for building AND installation of several ports simultaneously by taking care of order of dependencies.
Each build process is independent of others with it's own dir where output (separated in 2 files, one for STDOUT and second for STDERR) is stored in case if build error occurs.

Number of simultaneous builds depends on chosen amount of jobs, which defaults to 2 jobs per core.
1 core CPU performed fastest with 2 jobs = 2 simultaneous builds
Allows multicore machines to use all its potential

It also supports building AND installation in DESTDIR, which is demonstrated in video.
With -e flag rnable all '-o' installed origins in rc.conf

Best part => whole implementation is solely based on FreeBSD's base userland tools
/bin/sh (+awk/sed/etc ...)

To cut it short, here is unfinished working code: (because I could type and type lengthy description and am short on time)

I'll respond to questions (I bet it'll start with "why so much in configs").

I would prefer to get mentor during this week.
I understand theirs time is tight for mentorship, so it is a plus that I already have a working code demonstrated above and also understand whole process, so mentor's time consumption will be minimal.


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