projects/armv6 merged to HEAD

Oleksandr Tymoshenko gonzo at
Thu Aug 16 22:17:34 UTC 2012


projects/armv6 branch was merged to HEAD and should be considered 
dead now. This patch is a result of a joint effort by many 
people. Including but not limited to:

  Grzegorz Bernacki (gber@)
  Aleksander Dutkowski
  Ben R. Gray (bgray@)
  Olivier Houchard (cognet@)
  Rafal Jaworowski (raj@) and Semihalf team 
  Tim Kientzle (kientzle@)
  Jakub Wojciech Klama (jceel@)
  Ian Lepore
  Warner Losh (imp@)
  Damjan Marion (dmarion@)
  Lukasz Plachno
  Stanislav Sedov (stas@)
  Mark Tinguely 
  Andrew Turner (andrew@)

Thanks to all, who contributed by submitting code, 
testing and giving valuable advices.

Code drop includes following parts:

- General ARMv6/ARMv7 kernel bits (pmap, cache, 
    assembler routines, etc...)
- ARM SMP support
- VFP/Neon support
- ARM Generic Interrupt Controller driver
- Improved thread-local storage for cpus >=ARMv6
- Two new values for TARGET_ARCH: armv6 and armv6eb
- Driver for SMSC LAN95XX and LAN8710A ethernet controllers
- Marvell MV78x60 support (multiuser, ARMADA XP kernel config) 
- TI OMAP4 and AM335x support (multiuser, no GPU or graphics 
    support, kernel configs for Pandaboard and Beaglebone)
- LPC32x0 support (multiuser, frame buffer works with SSD1289 
    LCD controller.Embedded Artists EA3250 kernel config)
- Barebone Nvidia Tegra2 support (timers, interrupts and UART. 
    No kernel config)

Hope now that the code is in trunk it will get more attention 
and love from developers. 

Happy hacking


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