kexec or similar for FreeBSD

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Mon Oct 24 18:30:26 UTC 2011

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So it has been a while and a lot of hair pulling but
kload is sorta alive and kicking.
It can now load the kernel from userspace, copy it over the running
kernel and jump the the kernel entry point.

I'm still having problems getting through the boot process due
to interrupts arriving for unconfigured handlers.
Fatal Trap (30)

If anybody has some experience with acpi and interrupt configuration in
general and is willing to help please let me know.

- -Russell

On 6/16/11 1:32 PM, Russell Cattelan wrote:
> I have been contacted about possibly implementing a fast reboot 
> mechanism for FreeBSD similar to kexec on Linux.
> I have just started looking into how this accomplished so I figured
> a note to freebsd hackers would also be a good place to ask for
> comments.
> Has anybody looked at doing something like kexec?
> Is it the right thing to do for FreeBSD.  I'm concerned that the 
> way FreeBSD handles early kernel modules (loaded via the boot 
> loader) vs linux which does everything via initrd is going to be a 
> problem.
> Thanks for any help on this.
> -Russell Cattelan

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